Should I Use Weight Loss Pills Or Not?

Do weight loss pills work? That is the million dollar question! I'm not sure that anyone really knows the answer 100%. There has been very little scientific research into weight loss supplements as they are also known. From my point of view as someone who has used diet pills and more importantly, lost weight, it is less a question of if the pills work but how best to use them.

The wrong way to use diet pills:

The worst thing you can do is spend a lot of money on a course of weight loss pills and expect the pills to do all the work. If you carry on over eating (because if you are overweight you will be over eating) and doing zero exercise and then expect a little pill taken 3 times a day to be the magic bullet that will make you shed 30lbs of fat you will be very disappointed. There is no pill in the world (that's legal) that will help you lose weight if you plan to sit on the couch all day eating pizza! If you want to make the most of diet pills you will need to put in some effort as well.

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The right way to use diet pills (it worked for me anyway)

This is the boring but true bit I'm afraid, to make the most of diet pills you will have to cut the number of calories you consume, follow a healthy diet and do some exercise as well as taking the pills.

Most brands on the market work as appetite suppressants and also claim to speed up the fat burning process. If you follow a healthy diet and reduce your calorie intake, weight loss pills will reduce you hunger cravings and make the diet a lot easier. By doing some regular exercise you will start to burn off your excess fat, by take the weight loss supplement you will be getting a double whammy effect. I would also recommend reducing the amount of alcohol and caffeine you consume (I tried to just have caffeine and alcohol at the weekends - Friday night counts as the weekend by the way!) and drink plenty of water which helps to clean of toxins, a healthy liver is very important for burning fat.

All things considered I believe weight loss pills are best used to speed up the weight loss process, alongside a healthy diet. There are many brands of weight loss pill available as over the counter drugs, make sure you shop around for one that offers a free trial, that way you be able to get 30 days supply to test the pills and see if they work for you. Good Luck!

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