For the First Time Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Is it true that there are still weight loss secrets? You might not think that there could be any secrets, but the reality of what makes it effective has been buried in a cloud of diet hype. Let's get to the bottom of what makes weight loss successful. Here are some 'ultimate secrets'.

Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

The greatest secret of them all, is that most diets don't work. 95% of the people who go on diets fail to achieve permanent weight loss. Why is this? It is mainly because diets pander to people's desire to lose weight quickly. In a world where self gratification is the name of the game, everything has to be instant - including losing weight. Unfortunately, weight is more difficult to take off than it is to put on.

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Diets fail mainly because they try and achieve results too quickly. They do this because they introduce distortion into your daily diet. Your body reacts against this. It doesn't like change and it hates instant change even more. Your body actually works against you. At the end of your diet it tries to restore you to your previous weight. It thinks it is doing you a favour by returning you to the status quo.

Ultimate secret #1

Gradual weight loss leads to permanent weight loss.

Ultimate secret #2

Your metabolism is a biomechanical process. It needs water to function properly. Unless you drink enough water your body will store water and cause you to become bloated. Drink water and lose weight.

Ultimate secret #3

The more diets you go on, the more muscle mass you will lose. Muscle burns calories. For healthy metabolism you need healthy muscles. Resistance exercises are essential to keep your metabolism on song.

Ultimate secret #4

Regular daily intentional exercise is essential for effective weight loss, but it is also essential for a healthy life. It is important to make time to exercise - aerobic exercise.  If you don't take time to exercise it won't be long before you have to make time for illness. It's an easy choice to make.

These four 'secrets' are fundamental if you want to lose weight. Check the links below and find out a new way to lose weight and keep the weight off.

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