Which is the Greatest Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss?

People all over the place are discovering that the greatest self hypnosis for weight loss is to simply sit in silence. After a while of becoming familiar with this silence, it turns from being an agitating thing into a very peaceful and "warm" feeling. It is from this spot that the self hypnosis can be its most effective. In conjunction with dieting, this can prove to be helpful in losing weight. There can be no promises of its success, but it is always helpful to do some inner work along with any sort of external weight loss program.

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In fact, for those who are seeking to lose weight fast, I might point you away from this technique. It is more of a long term solution than some "get thin quick" fad that won't really work. Self hypnosis is an ever evolving technique, and I suspect we never fully understand it. But it certainly has its adherents and fans among the legion of people who have used it to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

That is why the technique of becoming silent and then examining your self-defeating beliefs is the greatest self hypnosis for weight loss there is. It requires buying nothing, and it doesn't even really require dieting. You might want to expand your weightloss activities a little beyond merely meditating, but you don't have to. Hey, it's worth a shot, right? Losing weight can be darn hard and I am all for trying out lots of different things. Some techniques will work for some people while others will work for other people. We are very complex beings and there is often no catchall solution.

My main point in telling this story is just to encourage people to think a little outside of the box. If you have tried ten or fifteen different weight loss programs over the years, and none of the results have stuck with you, then maybe you are someone who would benefit from weight loss hypnosis. Who knows? I think it's pretty clear to see that there is a psychological or belief component to overeating in many cases. Certainly, it is not the whole story but it is present.

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