Surgery Options For Weight Loss

According to statistics, almost a third of the adult population in America are considered obese and with this fact, a lot of overweight individuals are looking for effective weight loss surgery options to achieve their ideal weight.

Obesity is known as a health epidemic that has emotional and physical effects on people who suffer from the condition. Being overweight has a lot of health risks involved such as higher chance of having cancer, higher risk of having type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, stroke, heart disease and breathing problems.

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Generally, obesity is a result of lack of exercise and overeating. Remember that exercise and proper diet are important to have a healthy body and people who are overweight must make an effort to change their eating habits and lifestyle. While some people go on a special diet and exercise program in order to lose weight, other individuals consider weight loss surgery options. These options include lap band surgery, which may be effective in getting rid of excess weight. After the excess weight is eliminated, it is recommended to go on an effective exercise program.

There are a lot of weight losing surgery options that can help people with their obesity. The two most popular kinds of surgery to loose weight are gastric bypass surgery and lap band surgery. Gastric bypass surgery limits the person's food intake because the intestines are shortened and the size of the stomach is reduced. This procedure provides instant weight loss and it is proven effective for most people. However, there are significant drawbacks with gastric bypass surgery such as trouble in nutrients absorption from the food, resulting to certain health concerns.

On the other hand, lap band surgery is a kind of surgery that includes putting a flexible gastric band around the upper part of the stomach that helps limit the food intake. This procedure also helps increase the time for the food to go through the intestines. Lap band surgery has a lot of benefits such as being adjustable, reversible and non-invasive. However, this method has a slower weight loss result compared to gastric bypass surgery.

After undergoing weight loss surgery, sagging skin may be experienced. This problem can be solved by breast surgery. Though breast surgery has a negative connotation, it helps women who underwent a total weight loss procedure and need lift their breasts due to excessive weight loss.

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