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Whenever we speak to someone who has successfully lost a significant amount of weight, they will always tell us a few weight loss 'secrets' to how they did it. These secrets can either be something encouraging or motivational, or how they found the right exercise for them or a certain way of eating. Before listing some weight loss secrets to help you, choose an eating plan to suit your lifestyle.

An excellent eating plan on the market right now is called Fatloss4idiots, and is a highly successful way to burn fat and lose weight, and if you follow the easy eating plan, you will notice the weight dropping off. The weight loss secret of this Fatloss4idiots diet is revealed when you order the comprehensive diet book online, but let me give you a small hint that you won't find anywhere else.

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This weight loss secret of the Fatloss4idiots is - eating different amounts of calories per meal and per day (called 'shifting calories') which therefore tricks your metabolism! On any other diet, including all of the famous diets like the Mayo Clinic Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Weight Watchers diet, they give you an eating plan whereby you will slowly lose weight but along with the weight loss, your metabolism will adjust to the lower amount of calories, an reach a plateau, where your metabolism will be slow and sluggish. The weight loss secret of Fatloss4idiots makes your metabolism so confused that it speeds up to meet the constant change of you eating more calories at one meal, then a few at the next , and with a constant fast metabolism , you will burn fat so much faster, in fact 9 pounds every 11 days!

Along with Fatloss4idiots, here are a few weight loss secrets:
o Keep a log of what you eat each day.
o Start with an exercise you love, and slowly do it for longer each day.
o Have goals, write them down and aim to achieve your goals.
o Muscle burns calories so start a resistance training program.
o 'Pretend' to fry foods, but use a non stick spray in your pan.
o Hang up a beautiful dress which is 5 sizes smaller than you are now, look at it each day and tell yourself you will soon fit into the dress.
o Start your own weight loss group to share stories and support each other.
o Ignore peer pressure at parties and gatherings, when so called 'friends' encourage you to drink or eat the wrong things.
o Try spiritual activities like yoga, meditation or religion.
o Quitters never win and winners never quit!
o Get inspired by reading how other people lost weight.

There are many weight loss secrets, make your own list and add it to the one above. Along with the healthy, modern and successful Fatloss4idiots diet you can't lose! (except for those unwanted pounds !)

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