Weight Loss Program For Women Vs Weight Loss Program For Men

Should women have a different weight loss program than men? Husbands and wives tend to challenge each other to make a simultaneous effort to lose weight. They follow the same weight loss program and in the end the man loses more weight. Why does this happen? Let's look at a few points to keep in mind which might explain why men have more success in dropping those pounds.

Men and Women Have Different Cravings

Men tend to have a bigger craving for protein where women have a bigger craving for carbs. Have you ever noticed that men will have more to say about a nice tenderized steak? Women, on the other hand, will have more to say about a packet of potato chips. When you think about that you realize that carbs turn into fat far more easily than protein.

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Men Have More Muscles

The fact is obvious that in general men are more muscular than women. They have more testosterone in their bodies which helps in muscle growth. It also helps with burning fat faster to keep the balance between fat and muscle. Women can however change their body fat percentage by doing weight lifting. Women tend to focus more on cardiovascular exercises and thinks that weight lifting is just for men. The truth is that a combination of weight training and cardiovascular exercises are the best weight loss program for women.

Women are More Often in the Kitchen

Even in this day and age women are still preparing food for the family. When the husband comes home he usually sits on the couch while reading the newspaper. The woman starts preparing the food and constantly gets tempted by what's in the kitchen. She finds herself tasting the food more often then is needed to. The man on the other hand only eats after the food has been served. The woman probably doesn't realize how much it all adds up to.


Men and women don't need a separate weight loss program. The chances are good that you'll never keep up a healthy diet when you have to prepare two sets of dishes. It's simply too time consuming and too expensive. The best way is that both husband and wife should decide which weight loss program they're going to follow together. Decide on a diet and combine it with a good exercise plan. Motivate each other and focus on the prize. A specialized weight loss program for women might feel more personalized, but it comes down to the right foods and the right time and a bit of sweat.

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