Exercise is a Must For Any Weight-Loss Program

No weight loss program is complete without any exercise regiment.  For the body's cycle and functions to perform properly, it is important to have a comprehensive and effective plan of action, and by action, I mean exercise.

For an effective weight loss program you will need to incorporate the two main aspects of exercise.  The first one is aerobic exercise, and the second is resistance training.  The first one, aerobic exercise, will serve to stimulate the respiratory and circulatory system, increase your heart rate and burn calories.  The second which is resistance training, will build muscles and burn fat.

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The heart is a muscle, and just like any other muscle if you don't use it you will lose it.  We were talking about aerobic activities were talking about exercises such as swimming, tennis, biking, brisk walking, and aerobic dancing classes.  The minimum amount of aerobic activity that you should perform each day is 30 minutes.  That is 30 continuous minutes of active movement.  The ideal time to exercise his early in the morning, the best is outdoors.  The air is fresh and breathing in fresh beer is vital for aerobics.  This is actually what the word aerobics me it means increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood by deep purposeful breathing.

If you're just getting started, then a brisk walk around the neighborhood are round-the-block will be sufficient and as you get stronger, and develop more endurance you can increase this to light jogging.  It is also important when starting an exercise routine that you plan ahead and make a schedule.  A plan is very important as this will guide you through your exercise regiment and chart your progress.

Resistance training is simply light weight lifting, or working the muscles by increase the amount of weights in increments over a certain time.  Weight training is important for weight loss and overall health, and I'm not talking about using heavy bulky weights to gain muscles.  I'm talking about lightweights with more repetition to strengthen, tone, and build muscles.  The more muscles you have is the more efficient your body would become in burning fat.  Muscles require a great deal of calories in order to perform their function, this is perfect as burning more calories will lead to burning more fact which would lead to weight loss.

Combining proper nutrition, proper portion sizing and an effective exercise routine will almost guarantee you will lose weight.  The trick about exercise and weight loss, is that it should become a part of your day-to-day activity for the rest of your life.  Exercise is not something that you do only for a time, I've been watching start seeing the results you stop exercising.  Exercise should be a way of life.

Therefore, it is time to incorporate an effective exercise plan in your weight loss program.  Just remember if you're starting an exercise program, to consult your doctor to make sure that you are physically well enough to do strenuous activities.  Just remember that you do not need to start all that by running 10 miles or by doing a marathon.  Just start small and work your way up, do as much as you can but be careful not to overdo it when you're just getting started because this could lead to injury.

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