The Truth About Weight-Loss Diets

You can search the internet or walk in to any bookstore and find hundreds of articles and books proclaiming how a particular diet is the ultimate answer to your problem of being overweight. To list just a few examples, the: Atkins Diet, Grapefruit Diet, South Beach Diet, Japanese 2 day Diet, Dr. Bernstein Diet, Acai Berry Detox Diet, Vegetarian Zone Diet and the Raw Food Diet are but a handful of diet programs being promoted to the public as the ultimate answer to weight loss.

During my lifetime of trying one diet after the other, I am sure I have lost over 700 pounds. There is one small problem with this scenario because it does not present a true picture of my overall weight status because during this same time period of losing weight, I gained back more pounds than I lost. It is a vicious cycle for all of us who are overweight. We spend our hard earned money buying diet programs that we think or hope will solve all of our weight problems. We have visions that we will become the perfectly proportioned person we see on TV or in the newspaper ads. We lose some weight by strictly adhering to the diet plan we purchased but before long we tire of staying on the diet so we start eating ungodly amounts of food again and gain back all the weight we originally lost plus some more for good measure. We once again become miserable and depressed because of the way we look and feel, so we buy another diet program and start the whole process over again.

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Beside diets, there are other methods of weight loss such as exercise, hypnosis, gastric bypass surgery, lap band surgery, etc. All of of these weight-loss methods have value but unless you are determined to change your lifestyle in regard to your eating habits all your efforts to permanently lose weight will be in vain. Even though weight loss surgery has proven to be a sure fire winner in helping those individuals who are morbidly obese to lose weight, such factors as cost and risk must be considered before going down this path. I personally know people who have had this surgery and have lost over 100 pounds but have gained all of their weight back because they did not change their eating habits.

I can speak with authority about the importance of changing your eating habits because during the last 11 months I have lost over 130 pounds and am continuing to lose to this day. Before my weight loss I was taking six prescription medications for various maladies associated with obesity and after the weight loss I am now on only one, I feel like a new person because I am now able to do things that I was unable to even think about doing before the weight loss. 

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