Walking For Weight Loss

If you're among the many people who want to lose weight these days, walking is one of the easiest and most fun exercises you can do. It doesn't require any special equipment, and it's among the most effective exercises you can do when you need to lose weight. If you are sedentary, it's a very simple way to begin your weight loss program and squeeze in a little exercise, too. Shirley Archer, a health educator and fitness excerpt from California, agrees with this.

Walking for weight loss does not only help you shed pounds and inches. It does more for your psych as well. Take Jim Wilson, for example. He's a financial adviser from Arkansas who lost 50 pounds in six months just by walking for weight loss. He says as he walked his weight away, he has an improved self-esteem; he sleeps better and feels healthier.

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Walking tunes up your body to make weight loss more efficient

Even if your intention is simply walking to loose weight, its medical benefits are indisputable. Walking is in fact, a cardiovascular exercise and it helps reduce the risk of, injury, stroke and heart disease. It lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, improve heart functioning and actually tone your muscles.

If you need to lose weight, walking can do it for you, but don't make it something you "have" to do; turning it into a chore will just make it unpleasant. Instead, make it pleasant, and don't be drastic about it, either. Do just a little bit every day to make all the difference. Start small. If you can, walk to work, and if you can't because your office is too far away, park further away from your building (about 15 minutes' worth), and walk the rest of the way. Just going to and from your car every day will give you 30 minutes of walking every day, which is a major milestone when it comes to losing weight and exercising.

Do lots of little walks - They all add up

At work, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you can't manage three or four flights of stairs, take the elevator to one floor below where you have to be, and walk one flight of stairs. As you become better conditioned, take the stairs two at a time. This will help you burn calories off (yes, those for lunch, too), and you'll burn more at the same time and keep your weight loss going. And don't send an e-mail to a colleague in the same office building. At least a couple of times a day, pop over and tell him or her in person. Don't pick up the phone unless you absolutely must; instead, walk over and say what you need to same person. This gives you a chance to get up and away from your desk for a little bit and gives you a little bit of exercise, and it also gives you a good mental health break that will give you an emotional boost.

But try keeping it fun and useful. Exercises are no fun if they're not fun. To keep you on your feet and walking to loose weight, bring a friend along. Walking home with your friend allows you to catch up with each other. Walking together is a great chance for conversation. Plus, talking actually ensures you're breathing whilst doing the exercise. This makes it even more effective.

Make walking fun and interesting - Here's how

Listen to music while you walk. Put on your headphones and pop in a nice, fast paced piece of music that's going to energize you and get you moving. Even if you need to lose weight, simply use walking as a way to spend some time with yourself, alone.

Walk toward fun. Plot a route that ends at a fun place. It can be your favorite grocery store, a favorite spot at a local park, even a spa. Your route does not have to be the same everyday. And you don't have to actually go to the park, buy something from the store or walk into the spa every time you wind up there. But you can schedule it with your weight loss goals so that when you've reached a weight goal, you can reward yourself right away with a treat.

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