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Losing weight is a big problem. People are obsessed with losing weight. No matter what your actual weight is you always manage to find loose flabby skin around your waistline. Isn't it? And lo behold! You are at your wit's ends as to how to do away with it. While the urge to lose that extra fat is burgeoning, you still don't want to go out and exercise. In most cases people do not get time to exercise. The fast career driven life has forced us to live a life of office slaves. No matter how hard you try things don't get better. While weekends are all about fun and family bonding, exercising always seems like a distant dream. For those who want to shed off flabby skin and get a sleek 'thin is in' feel without having to waste their time, an alternative to exercise has to be thought over.

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Today so many tricks are available to lose weight. Multitudes of magazines, books, pamphlets and e-books have been published in this regard. Since the time Atkins came into picture, the diet system has been revolutionized. More and more people are putting themselves on ill informed diets and weight management plans. Without proper guidance from the experts they plan to embark on great weight loss expeditions. Needless to say they end up hurting their bodies more. These diet plans often include starving themselves off, lack of proper nutrients and unbalanced calorie count food. Since most of us lack the commitment to exercise daily and why not, it is a time consuming and strenuous process after all and ignorance on what to eat and what not, diet plans like Fatloss4idiots have been designed. Obviously fools like us deserve something as simple as this.

Fatloss4idiots is a diet plan generator, which plans for 4 healthy meals a day stretched over a period of 11 days. The diet usually includes carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and protein. It utilizes the method of calorie shifting. In this method the intake of carbohydrate foods and proteins are rotated to confuse your bodies metabolism system. Fat Loss for Idiots claims 9 pounds is lost every 11 days. It gives you two dietary options of Vegetarian and Regular meals. The key ingredients of the diet are nutrients and low carbohydrates. The food mainly comprises of lean proteins, fruit and vegetables and fat in the form of whole foods like cottage cheese or eggs. This is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight. It does not even ask you to cut down on your food intake; in fact it makes you eat 4 times a day
Weight loss programs like weight watchers or other such programs are a slow process and takes time to show results. They only promise 2-3 pounds of weight loss per week, which is comparatively very low. Such programs include buying special meals and dietary supplements to support it. It consumes yet again more time and money. Fat loss 4 idiots program is simple and easy to follow. With less to do and more to eat, it is indeed a healthy way to get out of the flabby texture and find a new you.

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