Do Quick Weight Loss Diets Work?

There are some ways that you can lose weight quickly and yet follow a healthy diet plan. Some dietitians say that you don't have to make a choice between a quick weight loss diet plan and a healthy diet plan because some plans have both. Sometimes a low glycemic food can help in a quick diet and yet it is not harmful to health. The most important aspect to follow is moderation as in any healthy diet plan. You can choose a very small portion of a high glycemic food in your diet than a large portion of low glycemic food and at the same time keep the nutritional value of your food in mind.

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When less glucose is available the body coverts the stored fat to energy and is burned when performing the daily activities. However it is always advisable to contact your physician for his or her advice before embarking on any quick weight loss diet plan. In any case it is better to follow a diet plan whether true or fad than drowning weight loss pills which may cause side effects.

Some holistic solutions offer very good quick diet plans that detoxifies your system. Our hectic lifestyle brings its adversities with it because it has jeopardized healthy eating habits. Frequent parties and traveling and lack of time make us indulge in fast foods while we land up adding weight. Detox diets helps us to flush out some of the toxins from our system. Some of the famous detox diet programs are the lemon detox and green tea detox. Lemon detox is one of the best quick weight loss diet plans which involve drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice with honey and pepper in water, every 2 hours and totaling it to 10 to 12 glasses for 3 to 7 days.

This quick detox diet is known as a master cleanser and helps to cleanse the colon and remove toxins. The lime which also has vitamin c boosts the immune system while the honey adds energy to the body and the cayenne pepper boosts the metabolism of the body. The body stops craving sugar and carbs and hence induces weight loss. After a week one can have a glass of this lemon juice in the morning with breakfast to maintain your weight. This detox diet is regarded as a good way to detox and kick off reaching your weight goals.

Weight loss is perhaps the most searched word on the internet. When we talk about losing weight we must understand that one can plan it in two ways. One is to set a goal for a slow and steady weight loss program and the other is to lose weight by following a quick weight loss diet for a specific purpose and then resort to maintenance diets.

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