Rapid Weight Loss Diets - And How These Diet Programs Have Affected Me and Others!

I'm going back a few years now but I still remember how I used to book a vacation and say to myself, "I am definitely going lose weight for this vacation" and before I knew it there's three weeks left and the only thing I can do is turn to one of those "rapid weight loss diets".

The fact is, that I did always lose weight with these diets but if I'm being honest I never felt 100% in myself, and another problem was that I would nearly always come back heavier than I was when I started the rapid weight loss diets. After years of this, I started doing a bit of research into exactly how healthy and effective these diet plans were.

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I found that when your body experiences a sudden drop in calories, it naturally protects itself from excessive weight loss by slowing down your metabolism. As a result, your body needs less calories to maintain your weight, which explains why many people lose weight to a point but then struggle to lose anymore.

There were also cases linking rapid weight loss diets with the appearance of gall stones, and other complications like anorexia and bulimia. You could also end up with a load of loose skin which is very common with rapid weight loss diets and in many cases need to be surgically removed.

And to top it all off, in most cases this type of diet will nearly always result in you gaining all your weight back, as you are highly likely to fall back into your bad eating habits after a period of food deprivation. As you can see, rapid weight loss diets should always be considered with caution. 

In fact I would suggest concentrating on trying to lose 2-3lbs a week by simply including some natural and healthy foods into your current diet and drinking a glass of water before your meals. You could even consider some light exercise like walking which can actually burn up to 2lbs of fat a week, depending of course on how much of it you do.

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